Doodlebags for Dogs

We love all dog humans who pick up their dogs poop. We really appreciate you! Thank you

This handy reusable bag will hold your full poop bags and defend you and your walk-mates from the smell (and the joy) of carrying the full bag, swinging from your finger ;) for the rest of the walk (We've all been there!)

And what's worse than a full poop bag? A full poop bag in a hot car (!!) Your Doodlebag will protect you from the aroma and will give you a pleasant trip home or to the next available bin.


Doodlebag Instructions

When you receive your Doodlebag, unroll it and open it, expanding it with your hands as required. 

When you have a poop bag for the Doodlebag, place it into the bottom of the bag. Allow any excess air to escape. 

Foldover the black webbing opening of the bag 3 times, Clip the buckle together to the back (the side without the pocket)

Now you can go on with your journey! You can either hang the bag over your shoulder with the strap provided, clip the buckle onto a bag strap or belt loop, or put it into another bag. 

When you get home or to a waste bin, open the buckle and unfold the bag. Place the full poop bag into the bin. (I recommend you do this outside as the "aroma" will be smell-able again! ;)


Doodlebag Maintenance

Your Doodlebag is relatively maintenance free but, as with anything, some regular care will keep it working effectively.

Every now and then, after the Doodlebag has had some "heavy" usage, its worth airing the bag out. We recommend leaving the bag outside (perhaps overnight?), with the "mouth" of the bag open - clipping the buckles together with the bag open will hold the Doodlebag open for ventilation.

The Doodlebag is fully wipeable and can be rinsed with water and mild soap if required. The strap and closing mechanism can also be rinsed as above.

Some small threads may show at some of the seams over time/usage. This does not interfere with the function of the bag and does not mean there is anything wrong with the bag. You can trim these off if you wish.